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Keep cool during summer.

Our automobile tinting service will reduce heat, sunlight and UV penetration. Whether your car is big or small, Wanted Tinting has a solution for you. We keep your car cool during the summer days and even make it look that little bit slicker. Regardless of the size of your vehicle, Wanted Tinting has a quality solution to suit your needs. As one of Melbourne’s leading independent car tint specialists, you can be sure we will provide you with a superior tint at a fraction of the cost.



Keep your money in your business.

Regardless of your office space, our commercial tinting service will increase your company’s privacy and security while reducing indoor temperature and heat penetration. No job is too big or small for us at Wanted Tinting. You can rest assured that your commercial space will be kept looking classy, professional and cool – both in visuals and in temperature. With very minimal maintenance required, your co-workers and employees will be sure to enjoy the new look for a long time.



Keep your private life private.

Our residential tinting service ensures excellent heat and UV reduction and keeps your furniture, carpets and curtains from fading under the Australian Sun. Single storey, double storey or even custom residentials, Wanted Tinting is sure to have a solution to meet your needs. Instantly increase your home privacy, reduce your energy bill and transform the look of your residence. A Wanted Tinting service can do wonders – ask about our Residential tinting options today.